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“The decisions we make mark the path we will take.
I always dreamed of creating something beautiful, something that could
interpret my way of seeing life, something that gave me the opportunity to
work, create and enjoy my own work.
My Choice is what I dreamed of, a company capable of transforming ideas into
something tangibly beautiful.
Every day, going to work turns into a journey of experiences and beauty; the
people, objects and places I meet are the true driving force of everything. “

Mariano di Lillo, CEO.


There is a center for everyone and for everything;
My Choice has the family as its center. Antonio,
Francesco, Mariano, Luciano and Vittoria are the Di Lillo family,
fulcrum and flywheel of all activities.
Being a family means many things; to know how to listen, to exalt diversity, to be united and democratic, to know how to help each other.
It is all this that Di Lillo have been able to transfer into My Choice, a company that revolves around people and ideas,
with the same characteristics of a large family.


My Choice gives birth to bags with the intention of
creating beauty: this is the first great corporate value.
Everything revolves around the principle of “continuous
search for beauty”, a concept dear to artists of all time;
daily training in stylistic and aesthetic research are the
tools for My Choice creations.
A beauty whose roots are anchored to the Italian spirit,
the know-how of master craftsmen and art in general.
A beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic sense through
the quality of materials and production methods.
Our products are all handmade; because only the hands
of a real person can turn leather into “beauty.



We want to reveal you a secret; our bags are never new
“mint” but full of history and life.
Before being delivered, our bags are “experienced” and
not only controlled; that’s why excellence sometimes
means patience.
The patience of looking, re-looking, touching and
sometimes stressing the product: this is the cycle of
control of our bags; and that’s why they are not “brand
Here is the real secret to do something good and
My Choice bags are the result of a maniacal production
process where quality and beauty must always travel on
the same track.


We believe that everyone’s people, experiences, intuitions and abilities are the driving forces of the value system on which to base all activities; a system of values where transparency is at the center of
everything, at the same time becoming an objective and an instrument.
A “unique” heart is our prototype department, a true artisan laboratory where skilled hands reinterpret designers with a unique sensibility.
The value system translates into three concrete commitments:
• innovation and continuous improvement of manufactured products
• quality as a process of continuous monitoring of internal and external systems
• listening, as the orientation to create and develop a relationships with customers.
These three values are the pillars on which all our
projects and products are based.


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